Metro Area Practical Shooting Association

USPSA Pistol Shooting in the Pine Island and Rochester MN Area

Practical Shooting Sports and Action Pistol Shooting Club


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Introduce Yourself

Probably the most important thing to do when arriving at a match for the first time is to introduce yourself as a new competitor. That will give us as much time as possible before the match starts to answer questions, look over your gear, and show you around.

Bring to Your First Match

  • A centerfire handgun of at least 9mm or 38 Special caliber that you are comfortable shooting; all safeties on the gun must be functional
  • Enough magazines and magazine pouches to carry 40 rounds on your belt
  • Holster and magazine pouches that attach at the waist to a belt that is sturdy enough not to twist; the holster must fully cover the trigger and hold the muzzle pointed within a few degrees of straight down; no thigh rigs
  • 200 rounds of ammunition, although only expect to shoot around 130 at a typical match
  • Eye and ear protection appropriate to any shooting range
  • Dress for the season and bring appropriate outdoor products like sunscreen
  • Please no camouflage clothing or clothing with political or otherwise objectionable material; please dress as you would for a casual athletic event

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