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Range Commands

The Range Officer will issue the following commands during a course of fire. Because these will be coming at a new shooter during the time they're likely to be the most anxious, having familiarity with these before a first match will greatly help ease the transition from a nervous, "Oh boy, here goes..." to an ecstatic, "Wooohoo, that was awesome!"

Command Shooter Action
Make ready Facing downrange unholster your gun, load a magazine, and chamber a round.

For single action pistols leave the hammer fully cocked and engage the safety. For double action pistols with external hammers drop the hammer fully but do not engage the manual safety. Striker fired guns are just holstered. Once holstered assume the start position specified in the stage description.

Occasionally the stage will have you starting with your gun unloaded or on a prop rather than holstered.

Are you ready?

This is your chance to speak up and ask a question. If you say nothing the Range Officer will proceed to the Stand By command.
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