Metro Area Practical Shooting Association

USPSA Pistol Shooting in the Pine Island and Rochester MN Area

Practical Shooting Sports and Action Pistol Shooting Club


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Our Mission

MAPSA has been hosting USPSA sanctioned matches since 1980. We are dedicated to promoting fun, safe matches with stages that challenge shooters of all abilities. Our goal is for the Minnesota Section of the USPSA to grow and be as competitive as any Section in the United States.

Two critical ingredients for making this happen are our focus on new competitors and the support of our sponsors. Before you move ahead to the rest of the resources of this website, please take some time to recognize the sponsors featured here. Their contributions to MAPSA are absolutely critical to our success. In turn, your patronage of these sponsors is critical to their continued success.

Make it a point to favor these sponsors with your business. If you are considering a purchase that could be from one of them, click on their logo and make that purchase. If you see a sponsor you don't recognize, click on their logo and familiarize yourself with their products and services.

Please ensure the support between our club and these sponsors is a two way street!

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